Tree Pruning Techniques

Trees are an essential part of nature. They need to be managed and taken care of. One of the ways of doing that is by pruning them. Tree pruning is an essential skill that tree owners need to learn because if done wrongly, tree pruning can limit the life of the tree. There are various tree pruning techniques. Before deciding on the best method, the gardener has to consider the type of tree, its age and the reason for pruning. The following are some of the standard tree pruning techniques;


The collar method

This method involves removing some branches off a tree. When using this tree pruning method, it is right first to locate the collar. The collar is the swelling that is near the base of the branch or where the branch joins the stem. These swellings are sometimes hard to find. The collar is used as a guide because the arborist removes the branch following the line of the collar. The cut has to be made about one and a half inches away from the collar.


Branch bank ridge technique


The branch bark ridge is the section that separates the branch from the main stem. In this method, the branch is cut around forty-five degrees away from the branch bark ridge. This technique has been used for more than twenty years and especially in Australia. Pruning has to cause a wound to the tree. All trees respond differently to injuries. In the BBR technique, the arborist or the gardener has to create the smallest wound possible while pruning. Creating a huge wound will cause death to the plant because all types of bacteria, insects, and fungi will infect the cut.


Crown reduction


This pruning technique is used on trees that have overgrown and have become too large for their location, or the trunk is no longer able to support the weight of the branches and the limbs. It generally makes the trees smaller. The method keeps the health and appearance of trees safe from buildings, utility lines or other structures. The weak plants are also able to support the branches when there is a storm or a strong wind.


Crown raising


It is also called crown lifting. This tree pruning technique is applied when the tree is growing too close to the roads or the walkways. The gardener has to cut the lower branches from the trunk. Crown lifting allows people to walk under the canopies without any challenges.


Crown rejuvenation


In this pruning technique, the arborists or the gardener removes the drying or the dead branches from the tree. Diseases and infections can comfortably live in the dead branches. It is, therefore, necessary to remove the dead branches regularly to avoid them from passing infections to the healthy parts of the tree through their points of contact.

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As mentioned above, tree pruning needs to be done with a lot of caution. Tree owners can also consider hiring skilled and experienced arborists to do the pruning for them. These experts know how to handle pruning equipment and how to climb trees safely. Remember that with proper tree maintenance, your trees will stay healthy and have sturdy branches.